Favor House Ministries is dedicated to serving the recovery community through a long-term, residential program that implements the 12 steps and a Christ-centered focus.


Favor House Ministries is a Christ-centered, non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization that exists to serve the recovery community through a long-term, residential program that follows the 12 steps. Our focus is to help men struggling with alcoholism or substance abuse issues that are truly willing to change. Our program is a year long, with aftercare options available afterwards. Our program is highly structured, requiring hard-work and a willing attitude. We strive to instill accountability, responsibility, and the tools necessary to maintain life-long sobriety. Through the use of 12-step meetings, sponsorship, house meetings, community involvement and consistent on-site support, we intend to help those who complete our program reach this goal.

Thank you for your interest in the Favor House. Please contact us with any questions.

About Nicholson

Favor House Ministries is located in Nicholson, GA, a small southern town with a population of just 1,696 and a perimeter of 3.0 sq. miles. Incorporated in 1907, Nicholson is home to a number of small businesses and public service organizations.  Nicholson is located just an hour and a half away from Atlanta and a shuttle ride away from Harts-field-Jackson Airport.  We are situated in-between Athens-Clarke County and Commerce which allows us the opportunity to utilize both of our surrounding communities.  Nicholson and the surrounding areas offer a home for those in the recovery community, with over 156 Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in the nearby area! Reach out, the resources and compassion necessary to start a fresh beginning for you are available today!

 “Some places are praised for the magnificent buildings, while others are honored for the fine scenery.” 

Jewett Barnett – Jackson Herald 1917