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A Look Inside Our Program

A monthly letter from Dr. Charles McDonald, Assistant Program Director.

It is our desire at Favor House Ministries to provide the “tools” necessary to lead a sober and clean life. First and foremost, we want our residents to understand that there is a loving and compassionate God who has not given up on them. We believe God to be a God of restoration in mind, body, spirit and relationships. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ can lead a man from going through the motions to a joyous and purposeful life.
What we have come to discover is that the most effective means by which a man can have the best shot at long term sobriety is to incorporate Twelve Step Meetings into their daily routines. As alcoholics and addicts the primary meetings are Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Each of our residents attend at least five meetings a week. Even while maintaining full time jobs, some of our residents attend an average of eight to ten a week! As staff, we also care for our own recovery by attending one meeting each day. As a transitional program, we strive to make a residents re-entry into “normal” life as seamless as possible. Active involvement in Twelve Step Meetings is essential to success in recovery.
While it may come as a surprise, Athens is known as a true “recovery city,” with over 150 meetings held weekly. On any given day, someone in recovery has the opportunity to choose from ten or more meetings! There could not be a greater area than Athens-Clarke County for a man to “practice” recovery.
There are at least five reasons we believe these meeting are essential:
1) A man can see firsthand that recovery is possible. When one is just beginning their journey in recovery it appears incredibly daunting and nearly impossible. In these meetings, we see the “program” WORKS!
2) Meetings are a “safe place.” One can rest assured that outside the 4 walls of an AA meeting, they will remain anonymous. “Who was here and what is heard here, STAYS HERE” is something of which we are reminded time and again.
3) During these meetings, men receive the opportunities to learn from others. Each person shares from their own experiences. By listening closely to others we gain further knowledge to live a life in recovery.
4) We won’t be judged. Let’s face it, those of us who are addicts and alcoholics have done MANY things of which we are not proud. In meetings, we find others who can relate to us, accept up and help us change.
5) Finally, we are reminded of the consequences of our own actions. At any given meeting, we are reminded that any one of us at any time could pick up another drink or go purchase another drug. Through our honest sharing we are reminded that it is just not worth it!
God Bless,

Charles McDonald

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