An Inside Look…

A Look Inside Our Program

A monthly letter from Dr. Charles McDonald, Assistant Program Director

This is the first of several in which I will highlight an aspect of our program at Favor House Ministries. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of our program’s structure and the commitment of our residents.

Daily Reflections Each evening, our residents write in their “Reflections Notebook,” in which they are encouraged to share the high and low points of their day which are submitted to me the following morning. Our residents are encouraged to share honestly and without reservation. While in our program our men come to understand that sharing what is really going on in their lives is an essential aspect of recovery. In recovery we learn that we are “only as sick as our secrets.” Most alcoholics and addicts have significant trust issues and have had very few opportunities to share what is really on their minds. Over time, residents share at deeper levels allowing me to offer guidance and an understanding ear. At Favor House – while a very structured program – we understand that each resident brings with them their own experiences and life issues. With this in mind we develop a program to meet each resident’s specific needs and challenges.
God Bless,

Charles McDonald


In our next Newsletter: 12 Step Meetings

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