General Information

Favor House, located in Nicholson, Ga. (10 miles north of Athens, Ga.), is a 20 bed Christ-focused, evidence-based, and 12 Step nonprofit residential recovery program. We serve men in any phase of addiction (post-detox: we ARE NOT a medical facility), offering them an opportunity to learn about their disease, live in a structured environment, begin the “Twelve Step Journey,” become productive citizens in society and build a spiritual connection with God.

Our program requires a one-year commitment.  Residents are allowed face-to-face contact with approved family members after ninety days. All residents are required to work, attend a minimum of five “Twelve Step” meetings weekly and attend weekly worship.  Daily journals, step-work, sponsor mentor ship, house meetings, group and one-on-one counseling, church involvement, service work, recovery and spiritual based assignments and solid employment are at the foundation of our program. We randomly (and very regularly) test for alcohol and drugs both on and off site.  Residents are allowed cell phones (see “What to Bring” for further details). No passes are permitted for the first 90 days.

With our guidance, residents quickly attain employment at one of two employers.. Residents should be physically and mentally able to work a job which includes long periods of standing and lifting up to 35-40 pounds. A shuttle provides transportation to work for a minimal weekly fee of $50.00. Free transportation is provided to Twelve Step Meetings and Church (Canvas Church.) All monies earned are placed in a Resident Savings Account with a maximum of $60.00 dispersed weekly. Residents may earn the privilege of requesting “Special Draws” in which case, more than $60.00 will be provided for specific needs. These draws are considered on a case-by-case basis.

While our residents may be considered the use a personal vehicle (after 9 months of residency), they are used only for employment, Twelve Step Meetings and Favor House/church activities.  Any resident with a personal vehicle must agree to have a GPS ($80.00 installation/$25.00 monthly) installed on their vehicle allowing them to be monitored at all times. Resident must provide proof of current insurance, tag and driver’s license.

We have a strong working relationship with Probation/Parole Officers, attorneys/public defenders, District Attorneys and law enforcement, seeing them as partners in our ministry. We do allow convicted felons and will only consider applicants with pending charges on a case by case basis; unfortunately, we cannot accept men listed on the sex offender registry.  Please understand, we are not a “halfway” house.  We are a very structured, faith based transitional program striving to ensure men have a real chance at life long recovery – one day at a time!

At a resident’s second week of residency, a Program Fee of $175.00 is taken from his account. This fee includes three meals daily, snacks, linens, basic hygiene items, transportation to and from meetings and church activities.

It is understood that clients will begin in a dorm-like, yet comfortable environment; if you are physically incapable of using a top bunk, we must know in advance.


Now What?

 Click on “Apply Now” to complete our application.  Once your application is submitted, you will be contacted by staff for further instructions.  

For further information or check on status of application, contact Dr. Charles McDonald  at 706-612-8296.