Sponsorship Program

Addiction is a crippling disease that tears apart family relationships and can leave users feeling as if they are in a hopeless situation. Favor House Ministries strives to break this hopeless cycle and give those struggling the life they truly deserve. In order to do so, numerous resources are needed, and you can help! Many addicts live their entire lives dreaming of getting help, but are held back by the daunting financial burden a recovery program carries. Here at Favor House, we desire to help all men in need, whether they have the funds to pay for treatment or not. Once in our program, we help our resident’s find employment, and offer a shuttle program as a means of transportation. Supporting our sponsorship program gives resident’s a head start on their recovery journey and allows our program director’s to use our operating funds to strengthen the ministry.

Why To Consider Sponsorship?

  • You can change a life forever

Treatment is a costly, yet worthwhile investment in an addicts’ future. The financial burden of entering a recovery program can keep the cycle of addiction churning. By supporting a man seeking recovery, YOU could be the difference between life and death. Imagine if your donation changed a man’s life forever.

  • Heal Broken Relationships

Addiction has a tragic affect not only on the one struggling with the disease, but also on those closest to them. Struggling with addiction causes behavior changes, leaves children feeling insecure about their surroundings and can tear apart the very foundation of a family. Entering a recovery program can be the first step to mending broken relationships and creating life-long change for an entire family.

  • Give a Gift that Lasts

With your financial support, men who previously could only dream of recovery will finally be able to receive the support and guidance they so desperately need. Taking this first step creates the momentum needed to live a life of sobriety. Your donation could be the turning point, not only for the resident sponsored, but for an entire family and generations to come. Listed below are the different Sponsorship options. Any and all donations made are tax deductible.


Each Sponsorship Plan covers the Admission Fee, which includes the following costs:

  • Drug Screen
  • Background Check
  • Basic Necessities (Linens, Toiletries)
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Program Supplies (Notebooks, Recovery Literature and Workbooks)


Sponsorship Plan Options

Silver Plan – $675.00


  • Admission fee: $500.00
  • One week’s program fee: $175.00

Gold Plan – $1,025.00


  • Admission Fee: $500.00
  • 3 Weeks Program Fees: $525.00

Platinum Plan – $1,725.00


  • Admission Fee: $500.00
  • 7 Weeks Program Fees: $1,225.00

How to Donate?

Please visit our “Donate Now” Page under “How to Help” and you can donate through our PayPal!

Want to donate to our Sponsorship Program, but don’t have the means to support a Silver, Gold or Platinum Plan. You can designate any amount you choose! All donations are greatly appreciated!