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July 2016

Happy (sober) Fourth of July!

We hope everyone had a wonderful, sober and safe Fourth of July! Here at the Favor House, we celebrated with some good cooking and a trip to see “Independence Day,” which was gracefully all provided by our Executive Director Adam Manning! The day after, our residents went to Veterans Park in Oconee County to enjoy the fireworks and entertainment. We are looking forward to the rest of this summer and are aiming to plan more activities for our residents in the near future.

In July:

We are so proud of all of our residents and the progress they have made during their time here at Favor House. All of our residents are currently employed and are working towards getting their lives back in order. We want to congratulate one of our guys who recently obtained his license after 14 YEARS! We are so proud of them all!  Each Sunday afternoon, the residents of Favor House are led by Charles McDonald, Assistant Director in a discussion of “Relapse Prevention.” While it may appear either highly academic or downright boring, there is no discussion of greater importance. By nature, every addict or alcoholic is relapse prone and is in need of identifying the warning signs of a possible relapse but more importantly, needs to develop the tools necessary to avoid “relapse thinking.” Our primary resource is Terence Gorski’s book, Staying Sober: A Guide for Relapse Prevention. Gorski is the head of the CENAPS Corporation (Center for Applied Sciences). More information regarding Gorski or CENAPS may be found at www.cenaps.com.

Perhaps you know someone who is in need of our help. Where do you begin? What do you say to convince them that their life is worth more than the bottle? We are here to help! There are numerous steps you can take to direct a loved one or friend to The Favor House.

Be open and honest about your concerns.

Direct them to our website and Facebook to learn more about us for themselves.

Set boundaries for yourself. You cannot solely be responsible for the recovery of anyone else. Try as hard as you’d like, but ultimately; the person in need of recovery must desire to change.
If you would like more information on how to refer someone to get help at The Favor House, please contact Charles McDonald at 706-612-8296 or send us an email at Thefavorhouse@gmail.com.


“Life is a series of Relapses and Recoveries”

-George Ade

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