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Ministry Update

September has proven to be one of our most remarkable months so far this year! We have seen a rapid increase in the number of residents applying for entry into our program and we are so blessed to have been able to accept them all!
We are currently working towards expanding our facilities to include a second apartment! With this move, comes a need for more household items. We are asking for twin size mattresses, linens, pillows and other household items frequently used such as laundry detergent and cleaning supplies! Any and all donations are appreciated and 100% tax deductible! Contact Charles McDonald at 706-612-8296 to schedule a pick up or a drop off today! You can also donate through PAYPAL on our website now!

In September:

We are so blessed to have our Scholarship Fund up and running. We have received $550.00 in donations towards this cause! Our scholarship program was created with one purpose in mind, to create a way to help those who did not have the means to help themselves. This fund has already served its purpose as one resident has already received funds out of the account! After a resident receives these funds, he seeks to find employment immediately and the funds are deposited back into the scholarship account to be used for the next resident who needs a helping hand!

Recovery Fest 2016 was a success! We enjoyed food, music and fellowship with all those who came out to show their support! We are grateful to have been able to participate in this wonderful event.

One donor has made a promise to donate $300.00 monthly throughout December to be used for much needed literature and study materials for our residents! We are always searching for individual material that will help each resident at the point that they are at in their recovery!

We couldn’t do any of this without all of your support! Thank You all!

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